Preparing at home for birth and postpartum.

Either you are giving birth for the 1st, 2nd or more. We still need to remember how to prepare for this life giving moment and the gift!


There are a few things I want to highlight.

Kids - It is important that you make arrangements ahead of time for the kids to be situated and peaceful. Start communication about their sibling early so that they are aware. Write down a list by observation of their eating habits, their book, toy or favorite show and of course who your kids of fond of. In some cases, we may not have anyone for our kids to stay with which is understandable. In this case, they will be with your partner and you can bring someone to switch with your significant other out of the delivery room. Due to COVID-19, I will advise you to call your hospital you plan to deliver at and ask what their restrictions are.

Food - Now when it comes to food. Meals that you can cook ahead of time and freeze are always encouraged. Quick examples like spaghetti, pasta, stuffed bell peppers, pizza, marinated chicken and etc. Crockpots can also be of help! Many times, if you are surrounded with community and family. You can seek to start a food chain to ask for them to cook you meals and drop them off when visiting and encourage that. You are not begging but simply asking for help during this time of new life. Of course, we now have Postmates, Ubereats, Grubhub and more which can work as well if you do not have that much support.

Visits - You want to make sure you are mindful of you and your partners time. Plan together. It is OKAY to set boundaries. Talk with each other to figure out what those are and work towards that. Set your visiting hours in your home.

Discussions amongst the two of you: Quality time, speaking up for help, emotional fluctuations.

Dad- taking initiatives but that can be said just so plain but it doesn't happen that way. Communication is of the upmost importance although sometimes we don't want to communicate how we feel, you should know. We're TIRED. In all reality, just communicate that. Having a baby is not easy, you will have your moments of frustration, fluctuating feelings and in bed days BUT its imperative that you communicate those. 

With having a new child, we now have to readjust the way we have intimacy, we spend time with one another and even the way we think. Depending on your baby, you will be able to adjust accordingly. I encourage dad to take initiative when you see a need. I, encourage mom to SPEAK UP. Speaking up does not make you weak, look lazy or incapable. This is a lot of love to take care of and you're going to need help. Your emotions do fluctuate but communicate even through those moments. It will create a road of understanding for the both of you to effectively understand each other at your peak moments.